Why freeyourpotential.de

Less work, more freetime

Successful is the one who works efficiently and focused. I show how to achieve maximum effect with minimum input.

Unveiling resistors & blockages

Resistors and blockages should be detected and removed right away.

“A river can be easily stopped at its spring, at its outlet it is too late”(Chinese Wisdom). I show how to deal with strong resistance and convey the concepts behind.

Freeing potentials

Being aware of your own potentials enables you to utilize them for yourself and others in a beneficial way.

Discovering your mission and giving orientation

Having a mission enables you to follow your path steadily with dedication, calmness and joy.

Successful leaders create a world which others like to follow. I support you with turning intentions into taking action.

Success by self-leadership

Before leading others you need to lead yourself. Your ego is the biggest obstacle in being a successful leader since it solely pursues egoistic interests. I demonstrate how to be successful on a long-term basis.

Avoid wasting resources

Not the essential things cost us all our energy, but the inessential things within us and around us.

I show how to focus on essential, value adding things and cutting out distractions.

Continuous improvement - Kaizen

Being agile empoweres you to adapt to changing conditions. It helps you to make progress in an effortless way providing competetitive advantages. If you don´t go forward, you go backwards.

I show how to be self-reflective, make decisions and deal with risks & chances appropriately.


"It is not the strongest species that survives, nor the most intelligent that survives. It is the one that is most adaptable to change." (Charles Darwin)

Professionalizing management structures & reducing complexity

Complex endeavors need clear and simple (IT-) tools and management methods. With the help of the SCRUM framework and IT tools (like TRELLO) I showcase, how to create a solid basis for your team and yourself. "Master is only the one who has mastered the rules & forms." (Japanese wisdome)

"If you want to fix the country, you have to fix the provinces.

If you want to fix the provinces, you have to fix the cities.

If you want to fix the cities, you have to fix the families.

If you want to fix the families, you have to fix your own family.

If you want to fix your own family, you have to fix yourself."

(Chinese wisdome)

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