Methods for vitality, balance, and authenticity.


„Release tension. Free one’s potential.“


TaiChi Chuan, QiGong, Meditation & EMDR Instructor



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What guides me

Since 2013, I have been immersed in the practice of Zen, currently under the guidance of Zen Master Nakagawa Roshi at the Zen monastery Eisenbuch. Since 2014, I have been practicing QiGong, and since 2021, TaiChi Chuan Wu Style with Master Shi Heng Zuan Shifu (Shaolin Temple Europe Kaiserslautern).


What´s the essence

Flowing waters are not stagnant” – as a daoist saying goes.


When our energy (Chi) flows naturally, physical, emotional, or mental tensions can pass through us unhindered. Blocked energy is being released resulting in inner strength (NeiGung). The key is awareness (Ting) and relaxation (Sung). Harmony naturally emerges in all aspects of life.

The results of regular practice are


  • Serenity - we respond appropriately even in challenging situations.
  • Empathy and compassion - we develop a sense for our environment. 
  • Stability & resilience - we remain centered even in the face of resistance.
  • Agility - we are vital and adaptable.
  • Intuition - we are open to change, recognize, and utilize potentials.
  • Creativity - we find creative solutions.
  • Clarity & orientation - we follow our path with dedication and confidence.
  • Authenticity - we stand up for ourselves and follow our heart.

TaiChi Chuan

„The lotus carves through stone, glides through water, and opens toward the sky.“


Through the practice of Tai Chi Chuan and Shaolin QiGong, we can cultivate our natural energy reserves.


  • Shaolin QiGong grants us strength, vitality, and relaxation.
  • Stability, coordination, and endurance are enhanced.
  • Resilience is strengthened - health and well-being are achieved.
  • Stress levels decrease - we become more composed - the quality of our interpersonal relationships rises.
  • The natural energy flow in the body is harmonized and strengthened - old energy can go - physical, mental, and emotional blockages dissolve - new energy flows to where it’s needed.

Price for individual or group training available upon request.


„Life begins when the mind finds stillness and the heart starts to shine.“

  • Meditation enhances our creativity, improves memory, and boosts concentration.
  • Simultaneously, meditation reduces stress and anxiety.
  • Ongoing development processes are encouraged.
  • The immune system and cell regeneration are strengthened.
  • Fosters empathy and compassion

Price for individual or group training available upon request.

EMDR - Eye Movement Desensitization Reprocessing

Resolving highly distressing events (traumas) effectively.


EMDR promotes the targeted and gentle processing of highly distressing events/blockages. Through bifocal stimulation (internal & external), a reorganization occurs. Disconnected resources (energy) are transformed and reintegrated, making them usable for us.


EMDR was developed in 1989 by American psychologist Francine Shapiro. The World Health Organization (WHO) recognizes EMDR as one of the most effective methods for treating post-traumatic stress disorder.


EMDR is also used to address:

  • Stress-related (chronic) pain (e.g., back problems)
  • Nervousness/anxieties (stage fright, fear of public speaking, exam anxiety, etc.)
  • Severe physical tension
  • Difficult decisions and intense (internal/external) conflicts
  • Intense emotional burdens/traumas (anger, grief, etc.)

Price: 80€ per hour (60 minutes).

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Tai Chi Chuan, Daoistisches Shaolin QiGong, Zen Meditation, EMDR in der Region: Kempten / Allgäu